A Rich Past,
a Bright Future.

Combining timeless principles of integrity, attention to detail and craftsmanship with the latest in cookware innovation.

Deep American RootsVita Craft was founded closer to the Civil War than to present day. In fact, Vita Craft existed before the first automatic transmission car. The world has changed a lot since then, but quality products are timeless.
A Unique PhilosophyFounded by three cookware salesmen, Vita Craft originally focused on direct sales. Where Vita Craft has always been unique is that a belief that great salesmen need a great product to sell.
Committed to CommunityVita Craft is proud to be a Missouri based manufacturer of luxury cookware. Spreading our philosophy of high quality, long-lasting cookware from the heart of America.
The Right PrioritiesWhen Vita Craft moved to Kansas City few predicted the World Wide Turbulence ahead.. Banding together with the world to eradicate evil, Vita Craft understands big picture philosophy.
A Shawnee StapleVita Craft has not changed locations since first coming to Shawnee in 1946. In fact our expanded manufacturing headquarters precedes the construction of Shawnee's City Hall!
Celebrating Your MilestonesEvery week we hear from a customer who received their cookware when they married. Others share about it being their first major purchase. We're proud to have been there with them through it all.
American Made, Globally LovedExpanding throughout the world, Vita Craft has produced tailored products with specific features for the cuisines of our customers no matter the continent our customers live on.

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