Look Inside Our Manufacturing Process

Quality products, customer commitment, an eye for detail, some principles are timeless. Like our determination to providing consumers the finest cookware in the world. Over 75 years later, the machines are bigger and more efficient, but the people are still American Craftsmen dedicated to their trade. We don’t consider it old-school, we consider it timeless.

A Foundation of Excellence

Vita Craft cookware begins as a flat disc made of multiple layers of aluminum permanently bonded between two stainless steel sheets. It arrives unpolished, unpressed, without handles or knobs. It doesn’t look like much to the untrained eye but our staff of craftsmen see the potential in these unassuming discs.

An Eye for Detail

The secret isn’t what we do, the secret to Vita Craft’s success is how we do it. In this day and age of endless knowledge and insight into the world, it isn’t hard to figure out what machines are used to accomplish it. Anybody can buy a machine to make a pan, but no one can learn a 75 year commitment to product quality.

Quality Control

In all areas of production the cookware is worked at individual stations rather than on an assembly line. This process allows operators the time necessary to ensure the quality control Vita Craft customers demand. With a lifetime warranty, we know our product will stand the test of time.

The White Gloved Final Inspection

Finally, representatives of management, production, and the sales staff gather to “spot check” the week’s production — a final check — all by the white-gloved precision of the people at Vita Craft.

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